Power Industry


The SAKTI Line Interactive UPS employs fast transfer line interavtive topology for maximum economy and reliability. During mains made, the mains voltage is filtered regulated and then fed to the board.
The batteries are also charged during this mode. If a blackout or server under/ over voltge in the mains in observed, the UPS instantly starts supplying power to the load through its PWM inverter, which drawn DC power from the batteries. A high speed electronic switch completes the transfer to battery power in less than 4 mili-seconds, thus ensuring protection against even split second power interruptions.
The SAKTI Line Interactive UPS is available in backup time ranging from 5 minutes to 4hours. With its easy to read display panel and sleek powder coated body, this UPS offers you both, economy & reliablility.

Sakti True On-Line UPS employs double conversion technology. Income mains is rectified and converted into suitable DC to charge the batteries at predefined rate and also supply power to the inverter. The inverter converts DC back into AC at precise voltage and frequency to feed the sensitive load. The conversion topologies vary depending upon the model. Each model ensures clean computer grade Sine Wave output, free from all disturbances like surges, spikes, glitches, brownouts etc.

Gamma series is compact full featured true On-Line UPS system. It employes phase control rectifier-cum-battery charger, which precisely controls & monitors all critical parameters ensuring optimum performance. Inverter section works in close loop with mosfet’s IGBT’s as main switching devices. Despite their considerable power supply capabilities, Gamma series has considerable small foot print for today’s computer room environments.

Sgma series is true On-Line UPS system, which utilizes state of the art Sine Wave pulse width modulation technology, to switch latest generation of Mosfet’s / IGBT’s. It generates Sine Wave Output with very low distortion at precise voltage and frequency. It employs an advanced auto tricle monitoring technique in its float cum boost charger and input power factor corrector circuit provides enhaced level or overall efficiency.