Power Industry


Sakti Electronics Pvt. Ltd. A well known name in the field of power conditioning equipments have designed & developed Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) using Ferro-Resonant Transformer to provide instantaneous voltage correction, Sakti CVT ensures power supply free from Transients, Surges, Spikes & Other Electrical noises customary for sophisticated electronic instruments, specially computers & other microprocessor based equipments.

CVT should be placed away from all magnetic display and storage devices like disketts, monitors & tapes etc, Ensure supply through 3 pin sockets with proper earth connection, Switch on the CVT first and then the attached peripherals and while switching off vice-versa. CVT should not be used for high inductive loads. Incase of supply from a generator, the frequency variation should not be beyond 50 ±1 Hz use CVT at min. 30% load. Switch off the CVT when not in use.

  •     Computers, DMPS, LPS & IP’s
  •     FAX, ET, Telex, PCO Monitors & EPABX
  •     Biomedical Equipments
  •     Electronic Testing & Measuring Instruments
  •     Telecommunication Equipments
  •     Electronics R & D Labs
  •     Colour Labs & Photographic Equipments
  •     Colour TV, VCR & Home Theater

Input Voltage Range :              160V to 260V At Rated Load
Output Voltage Range :              230V±1%
Frequency :              50 Hz ±1%
Response Time :              10 Milli Seconds (½Cycle)
Efficiency :              90% (Approx.)
Output Wave Form :              Sinusoidal
Wave Distortion :              Less Than 5%
Load Power Factor :              0.75% Lag to 0.9% Lead
Ambient Temp. :              (-) to 55⁰C
Transformer Type :              Ferro-Resonant
Effect of Line Frequency :              1.5% (Appx.) Change in O/P for every 1% change in line